Give Momentum to Your Testing Strategy with ATOC

Value proposition of ATOC

Be prepared to be amazed with these proven advantages that show ATOC’s true mettle, irrespective of the size, scale or nature of the project –

  • 30% cost savings – Yes, you’ve read that right! With accelerated test execution solutions geared to tackle just your specific testing challenges, we ensure optimum utilization of resources and test environment, as compared to an off-the-shelf solution.
  • Quicker time to market – Our testing tactics split up the process across multiple virtual servers, thus offering a dramatic decrease in the time taken for test execution –
    • 50-80% time saved as compared to test execution on a single machine
    • 75% time saved as compared to manual testing
  • Enhanced Security – Role based, SSO user based granular access translates to a highly secure testing environment, keeping it safe from unwanted intrusion.

  • Execution scheduling – Now, testers need not wait endlessly for the execution process to complete. The testers can schedule the test suites to be executed at a convenient time. On completion of the test execution, the concerned parties will be notified with the full report of the test results.
  • No modification of test suites – Existing Selenium scripts* can be directly uploaded and executed on our platform. Most other tools require you to build your test suites to match their requirements. (* - Test suites built for grid execution)
  • High degree of customization – With just a few clicks, you can get going with your very own testing project over any IDE, any browser. What’s more, we also provide custom libraries, functions, and templates to save you time and boost the overall productivity.

  • Amazing ROI – With minimal learning curve, seamless integration and highly customized user experience, your business leadership will absolutely love ATOC for the value it provides from day one.
  • Interactive reporting – You get full control over the testing process by gaining critical insights on usage, custom reports, execution status and other key metrics.
  • Branding – It easily integrates with your current branding, thus offering a seamless and unique UI experience to users.
  • Super smooth integration – Your Company need not spend on tweaking your existing IT infrastructure setup to integrate ATOC. The billing will be done only on actual usage thus providing you a greater value.